Agro-industrial drone A-drone 25L


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Agro-industrial drone A-drone 25L – can spray an orchard under intelligent control. This device can function autonomously using the flight control system, and the operator can continuously monitor the current status and progress of the spraying using the monitor. Agro-industrial drone A-drone 25L – accelerates the process of forming an aerosol flow through the air stream, increasing to a certain extent the permeability of the droplet, while conserving labor and labor costs.

  1. Agro-industrial drone A-drone 25L – does not depend on the terrain and altitude. He rose from the ground and completed the task.
  2. Manual ground station. Agro-industrial drone A-drone 25L – uses remote control and navigation. Before spraying, a route map is drawn up and entered into the internal control system of the ground station. Through the spraying device, spraying can be done by yourself.
  3. When spraying with an agro-industrial drone A-drone 25L, the operator can monitor the progress of spraying in real time using a monitor on a PDA.
  4. The density, uniformity of the spray solution coverage per unit area, the better the effectiveness of prevention and treatment.
  5. Droplet spray tests in pharmaceutical fluids reflect the benefits of unmanned sprayers to reduce pesticide waste.

The agro-industrial drone A-drone 25L consists of eight propeller wings with a relatively low operational height. When liquid sprayers are discharged from the sprayer, the accelerated downward spray jet from the four rotors directly increases the penetration of medical liquid mist droplets to crops and reduces the loss of pesticides.Compared with traditional methods, the pesticide pollution control efficiency is better than traditional methods.



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