Unmanned aerial vehicles

which, until recently, were used only by the military and scientists, have tightly entered the modern life and activities of companies from various fields, since:

  • The cost of using drones for aerial photography is 10-20 times less than the cost of similar shooting from manned vehicles or satellites;
  • Drones can provide data much faster than satellites;
  • Prices for UAVs and associated equipment are steadily dropping as the drone trend increases.

Application industries

Public Safety



Transport and infrastructure


Geodetic research



Field Handling

Application of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides by agricultural drones. Spraying liquid fertilizer on the leaf.

Processing orchards and berries

Application of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides. Agro drones spraying liquid fertilizers on the leaf.

Processing forests and resort areas

Application of insecticides, fungicides by drones by sprayers. Insect control (mosquitoes, ticks, etc.)

Modern methods of land cultivation using drones

Economic effect of land cultivation by drones

Answers to frequently asked questions

The cost of processing directly depends on the applied drug or tank mixture, the total cultivated area, the relief of the fields, and external factors.

In each case, the cost of processing 1 ha is discussed individually and starts from 250.

We carry out the processing of large land clusters throughout Ukraine.

Our company has 4 teams, with 3 or 4 drones in each. We treat areas up to 100 hectares according to a preliminary treatment plan agreed in advance.

The introduction of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides by agrodrones is carried out in all regions of Ukraine. The application of fertilizers and microelements on the leaf by agrodrones is carried out in all regions of Ukraine. Desiccation of grain and oilseeds by agrodrones is carried out for winter crops in all regions, for spring crops, mainly in the northern and western regions of Ukraine.